Joint Solo Exhibition: Nam June Paik Un-Plugged by Clare Goodwin Tracer by Cecilia Heisser

Clare Goodwin, Cecilia Heisser

9月 20 – 10月 13, 2002

Para Site Art Space is pleased to present the Hong Kong public with solo exhibitions from European artists Clare Goodwin and Cecilia Heisser this September.

British artist Clare Goodwin, creates large cardboard sculptures with reference to the avant-garde TV installations of celebrated Korean artist Nam June Paik, regarded as the father of video art. A homage to Paik as forerunner, Goodwin’s humourous application of carton boxes as disposable televisions parodies an era of mass media in which the (instant) medium is the (instant) message.

In contrast with Goodwin’s humourous approach Cecilia Heisser, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, investigates time, memory and death. Her latest project has been in development since 1993 and draws on the last years of the life of her grandfather, Wolfram Heisser, during World War II. Through her text, photographs and video not only can one experience the personal history of an man, but one can also sense how grand a history may be constructed even by narratives that are perhaps distorted.

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Photo courtesy of Kacey Wong.

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