Para Site International Art Residency (PS IAR) aims to promote the generation of art and ideas through the introduction of invited artists, curators and writers to Hong Kong. As the inaugural residency programme run by Para Site, PS IAR is conceptualised as a research period of up to two months where participants are encouraged to engage with the local and regional art scene through studio visits, talks, screenings, performances and other activities. At the same time, PS IAR hopes to become a platform to facilitate potential future opportunities and collaborations between Hong Kong, Para Site and the participants. PS IAR is an invitation-based programme and is currently unable to process unsolicited applications.



17.7 - 4.8.2017

Hit Man Gurung is a multimedia artist based in Kathmandu. His body of work is a direct response to some of the most pressing socio-political issues of the country. His recent series of work deals with Nepali migrant laborers who leave their families and country to join transitory work forces in foreign countries. International migration has increased exponentially since the civil war, causing disconnections between generations and altering structures of towns and villages. Gurung was selected for the first Yinchuan Biennial 2016, hosted by the Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA, Yinchuan) in China. He was also the featured artist at Moesgaard Museum of Denmark in 2016. In addition, his work was exhibited as part of Afterwork at Para Site Art Center, Hong Kong. Gurung was also selected for the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8) in Brisbane, Australia. 



5.7 - 17.8.2017

Sharmini Pereira is an independent curator and publisher. She is the director and founder of Raking Leaves, a non-profit independent publishing organisation. In 2011 she was the international guest curator of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize and in 2006 she co-curated the 1st Singapore Biennale. She has written extensively on contemporary Asian art and spoken at numerous international conferences. 




17.7 - 4.8.2017

Sheelasha Rajbhandari is a visual artist based in Kathmandu. Her mixed media installations explore the parallel – yet, often contradictory – existence of traditional beliefs and historic ideas with contemporary events and evolving lifestyles. Rajbhandari is a co-founder of the artist collective, Artree Nepal, which was established in 2013. Her artwork was exhibited as part of Parallel Realities show at Moesgaard Museum of Denmark in 2016. That same year, she was also selected for the Asia Contemporary Exhibition at Jeonbuk Museum in Korea.