PS no.15 Venice Biennale issue

This issue's 'PS Special' focuses on Hong Kong Pavilion's debut at the 49th Venice Biennial, with contributions by Alice Jim, Anthony Leung Po-shan, Kith Tsang, Phoebe Man and Jaspar Lau. Jeff Leung reviews Taiwan writer Tang Hsiao-lan’s book The Origin and Development of Conceptual Art. Elaine Ng and May Fung each review a recent exhibition of video art. On the closure of OP Fotogallery, the first organisation in Hong Kong to promote contemporary photography, Kith Tsang pays tribute to its founder Lee Ka-sing by recalling some of his personal memories. With artwork and short texts interspersed between articles.

Hong Kong Artists at the Venice Biennial - JIM Alice Mingwai(詹明慧) 

The Game of Casting, Acting and Seeing – The Study Tour in Venice - LEUNG Anthony Poshan(梁寶山) 

Venice Biennial: Some Observations on Hong Kong Art Landing on the International Platform - TSANG Kith Takping(曾德平) 

Contemporary Art in the Venice Biennial - MAN Phoebe Chingying(文晶瑩) 

From Hong Kong to the World / From Art Science to Aesthetic Reflections on HK’s Participation in the 49th Venice Biennial - LAU Jaspar Kinwah(劉建華) 

Enoch Cheung’s Very Mild Mockery - FUNG May(馮美華) 

Conceptual Art - LEUNG Jeff Chinfung(梁展峰) 

Memorizing OP - TSANG Kith Takping(曾德平) 

Open Cities: HKG><ORD - Elaine W. NG

Publication 15