PS no.14 Digital Art

This issue featured the discussion on digital art among local artists and critics Chan Kai-yan, Bryan Chung, Hung Keung, Anthony Leung, Phoebe Man, Phil Shek, County Tam, Kith Tsang, Young Hay and Yeung Yang. And, the performance event Pound Lane Happening is reviewed.  Digital Art: Issue – Debates – More Questions – Transcribed by - LEUNG Anthony Poshan(梁寶山)

What More Can “Digital Art” Be? - YEUNG Yang(楊陽)

Pound Land Happening (Public Landscape) - YOUNG Hay(楊曦)

Who’s Afraid of Rave Party? - YEUNG Yang(楊陽)

An Unbridgeable Gap? - CHAN Wailun(陳偉倫)

Hong Kong Visual Arts Year Book 1999 (Book Review) - LEUNG Anthony Poshan(梁寶山)

Set Lunch (Exhibition Review) - CHAN Kaiyin(陳啟賢)

An Organisation That “Packages” the Hong Kong Tourism Industry - Christo

Antiques – A closer Look at Quality and Value - ZERO(思諾)

My Treasure Chest (– Kuk Kuk) - TSANG Kith Takping(曾德平)

A Dog That Salivates - YAN Patto(甄拔濤)

Publication 14