The Diplomat project: Ritual for the Ghosts

Adrian Wong Ho Yin, Samantha Culp, domting, nookei, VJ Forivermann, Mr. O

Aug 25, 2007

As a follow-up project for Dialogue with The Ghosts, a group of local experimental artists, on the eve of the Chinese Ghost Festival, continue to re-establish an on-going dialogue with the deceased. Through a series of multi-media art performance aiming to re-interpret and re-activate various local spiritual beliefs and rituals, we will dive into the world of the unknown and attempt to make contact with those from the other side. The ultimate aim, is to confront and acknowledge, those who had been forgotten, but still exist on the other side (or somewhere deep inside). Art, for us, is the ritual, through which, liberation can be attained.

Audience is invited to bring with them objects or personal belonginigs that represent their "ghost" (unfinished business), or to write down what is haunting them. These obojects and writings (ghosts) will be placed at our main installation (altar) during the performance (ritual), and be burned the the end of the performance (letting go).

All audience will receive a handmade charm and a copy of limited edition CD (locd36r) released by Lona Records, containing re-interpretation mix by Alok, Sin:Ned and KWC , on the sound materials of "Dialogue with the Ghosts", as recorded on July 7, 2007.