PS.SCREEN | 'Cause We Are Young

Mar 06, 2019

6 March, 2019
Antonio Mak Hin-yeung Education Room
Para Site

This March, in between two exhibitions at Para Site, we give you a comfortable wedge in the form of a timeless movie, 'Cause We Are Young by Hong Kong director, Vincent Kok. The film follows three men and their daily life in 1997 Hong Kong, as they navigate their way through the maze of modern relationships. We’ve heard this movie is still relatable to date, so come join us and feel all the feels! 


'Cause We Are Young
Directed by Vincent Kok 
1997 | 91mins | Cantonese with English subtitles

The film follows the lives of Chuen, Choy, and Paul - roommates and good friends - as way to survey the attitude of young people towards love and relationships in 1990s Hong Kong. The three have distinctly different personalities and approaches to love. Choy is the shy, stable boyfriend type who has been with his girlfriend Mimi for months now, but maybe something isn't quite right between them. Paul is the playboy, suddenly struck by an unattainable woman, Yung Yung, who challenges his usual ways. Chuen is the passive one, very used to being alone, until he finds comfort in the loneliness of a stranger. 

The film presents the three stories at the 1st, 10th, and 100th day of each relationship. 


This screening is free of charge and open to all! For trailer and RSVP please click here: 




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