Para/Site Fundraising Auction 10

Nadim ABBAS, AI Weiwei, CHENG Tsai Tung, Almond CHU, GUAN Wei, HUANG Xiaopeng, JOO Choon Lin, Rem KOOLHAAS, Surasi KUSOLWONG, Charles LaBelle, Linda C.H.LAI, LAM Hoi Sin, LAM Tung Pang, Michael LEE, Dinu LI, William LIM, Lenelenejo, Olaf MUELLER, The Propeller Group, Wei Leng TAY, Rirkrit TIRAVANIJA + Nico DOCKX, WAN Qingli, WONG Wing-fat Morgan, Adrian WONG, Tintin WULIA, XIN Hai Zhou, ZHANG Dali, ZHUANG Hui

Nov 09, 2010

Para/Site Art Space is honoured to present its Annual Fundraising Auction, an exciting event that makes a great opportunity to purchase works of art by, both emerging and established artists. The auction contains 28 lots, and comes as a celebration of a year that has seen Para/Site Art Space collaborating with institutions of the calibre of Tate Modern and Kunsthalle Wien, and has brought international visibility to Hong Kong artists through five international projects in 2010. In addition to this, Para/Site Art Space in 2010 has brought into Hong Kong artists like Ai Weiwei, Vito Acconci and Rirkrit Tiravanija. Para/Site Art Space’s Executive Director, Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya, has stated, “This is a great chance to be part of Hong Kong’s growing international art scene and support an organization which has a long history in the city”.

This year’s highlights include sought-after works like “Swatter”, a brass gilded limited edition by Ai Weiwei (est. 25,000 – 40,000 HKD), Rem Koolhaas’ unique photograph “Lagos” (est. 40,000 – 60,000 HKD), which depicts the slums of the Nigerian capital city. Also some of the artists from the first wave of Chinese Avant-garde are present through Zhang Dali’s “AK 47 (v.7)” (170,000 HKD – 250,000 HKD) and Zhuang Hui’s four-meter long group portrait photograph “Luoyang Wulonggou Primary School Students and Staff, March 19,1997” (est. 120,000 – 180,000 HKD). There are works for all pockets, with some lots like Surasi Kusolwong’s medium sized photograph starting as little as 10,000 HKD. Artists represented in the auction include a good selection of Hong Kong’s art scene, with Adrian Wong, Nadim Abbas, Lam Hoi Sin and Lam Tung Pang, among others. Southeast Asia is represented through The Propeller Group and Tintin Wulia from Vietnam and Indonesia respectively. The selection of artists in the auction reflects on the programming of Para/Site Art Space, with a mix of established and up-and-coming artists, both from Hong Kong and abroad, with a regional focus in China, East and Southeast Asia. The auction includes works of art by 28 artists in a range of media that goes from video-installation and photography to drawing and painting.

All proceedings of the works donated by the artists and galleries will go to support Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong’s most international not-for-profit art space.
To attend auction, please contact Ms. Chan 25174620/
Full auction catalogue is available at

Hanart TZ Gallery
Ooi Botos Gallery
Schoeni Art Gallery
Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation
The Cat Street Gallery
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