Metropolis Strip(p)ed Symposium

Tim Li MAP Office Linda Lai Reine Wong Jaspar Lau

Apr 22, 2005

A matter of ownership: dialogues on art and cultural space of Singapore & Hong Kong

A special forum involving artists, architects and critics from Hong Kong and Singapore.


Synopsis of presentations


Stories of our home 

Tim Li 

The Public Housing Development, housing half of the Hong Kong population, has been the major apparatus in the urbanization process in Hong Kong. The stories outlining five decades of Public Housing Development will provide a starting point in re-thinking the concept of "home" in the unrelenting modernization.



MAP Office/ Gutierrez + Portefaix

The presentation will be on how to consider a city as a laboratory - HK LAB and HK LAB2. How new business, art work, strategies emerge from Hong Kong as a laboratory to develop new ideas.


Urban space in Hong Kong cinema and video

Linda Lai

A broad visual survey of the domestic space and urban landscape in mainstream cinema/TV and independent videos finds intricate articulations of conflicting desires for home and city.  Modernized city space and housing can be the subject of celebration, the source of conflict, a casual backdrop, or simply an excuse for other hidden desires.  Issues are multiple: class-based, gender-based, of contingent discourse formations, and lustful appropriation…  Some eye-catching keywords: tenement housing, Lion Rock, public housing, Chungking Mansion, and many more postcard icons…


Donut/face, video database of urban space of Hong Kong

Reine Wong 

Donut/face, a collaboration of Kong Kee and Reine Wong, is a database to present 50 stock-keeping video clips captured by a tool for 360˚ panoramic shooting over the course of a year. The artists drifted through the cityscape with this tool, bringing in all the donut imagery. They stock-keep these clips without converting the images into a VR panoramic vision, and categorize them into three different tropes.


The tide is changing. But will the cultural awakening under Hong Kong’s economic downturn last? 

Jaspar Lau