Hong Kong Performance Art On The Move Project

Anthony Leung Po Shan + Pun Chi Hung Chen Shi Shen Frog King Ko Siu Lan Mok Chiu Yu Priscilla Leung Siu Wai Project 266 Ricky Tse Tsang Tak-ping Voila wen yau Seiji Shimoda

Apr 23 – Apr 24, 2005

Hong Kong Performance Art On the Move Project is a yearlong project on Performance/Live Art. It is for the first time to gather most of the Performance/Live art practitioners in Hong Kong. Series of performances, workshops and seminars will be organized every 2-3 months, exploring thematic issues around the China Art Scene, Gender and Body, Social Activists, Globalization, WTO and etc. International artists will take parts in each occasion to encourage intense exchange with local artists and audiences. An archival documentation will accompany with the series of events to record and prosper the art form in Hong Kong.


This event is presented by Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society and co-presented by Para/Site Art Space.  


Opening speech/Act: Frong King Kwok

Performance: 7:11- 11:11pm (23.04.2005) & 4:30 - 8:30pm (24.04.2005) 


Seminar: "Reviewing Performance Art" 2-4:14pm (24.04.2005)

Speakers: Mok Chiu Yu, Thomas Berghuis, Seiji Shimoda

Moderator: Siu Sai