ArtMart 2005

anothermountainman Jeffrey du Vallier d'Aragon Aranita, Chan Kai-yin Almond Chu Chu Hing-wah Frog King Kwok Kan Tai-keung KongKee Linda Chiu-han Lai Lam Wai Kit Patrick Lee Leung Chi-Wo Tim Li So Hing Keung Yuk King Tan, Tsang Kin-wah , Amy Cheung Ayumi Adachi David Clarke, Erkka Missinen Frog King (aka Kwok Ming Ho Jack Lui Chun Leung Pak Sheung Cheung Patrick Lee Tsang Tak Ping Freeman Lau Phoebe Man John Batten Marcela Boltar Lea Chan Movana Chen Joanna Chan Ivy Fung Nic

Nov 14 – Dec 09, 2005

Para/Site is delighted to present ArtMart 2005, the annual fundraising campaign and exhibition featuring artworks from emerging and established local artists.  ArtMart consists of a total of three events: the Art Auction, the Art Supermarket and the Exhibition.  All proceeds from this fundraising campaign will go to support Para/Site's work in fostering the visual arts in Hong Kong.


Art Auction

A signature event of the Art Space, Para/Site is proud to hold the Art Auction at 1/5 in Wanchai, one of the most exciting venues in Hong Kong.  The auction will be held on 10 November, 2005 (Thursday) at 9pm.  More than 20 pieces of original artworks in various media, including paintings, photography and sculptures, donated by the artists themselves, will be on display at both Para/Site Art Space and 1/5 before the auction. The preview exhibition for the Art Auction at Para/Site is from 14 – 23 October and that at 1/5 is from 28 October – 9 November.


Art Supermarket

At the Art Supermarket at Para/Site Art Space (10 December, 2005 from 6pm onwards) you will be able to purchase pieces of artworks from various Hong Kong artists at a flat rate of HK$ 2000 per piece – artworks which you would normally not have the chance to purchase, let alone with such a bargain!  Come and discover the surprises that Hong Kong artists have created for us.  A preview exhibition of the works featured in the Art Supermarket will be held at Para/Site Art Space from 5 December 2005.


ArtMart will be a great opportunity for all to view and bid on the inspiring and amazing artworks on display, to meet artists collaborating with Para/Site, and to mingle with fellow art-lovers. The event will certainly make for enjoyable evenings.


Para/Site started ArtMart years ago as a way to raise funds for the organization, as well as to promote Hong Kong artists and to bring art closer to the local community.  Para/Site envisions that through ArtMart, people would have a chance to appreciate art, artists and their hard work in both at the Art Space and in an alternative setting out of the gallery space.