Works by Annelise Coste

Annelise Coste

Sep 08 – Oct 15, 2005

Annelise Coste is known in Europe for her idiosyncratic and political drawings and installations. Her works, often provocative, sometimes funny, are comments on the powerful and violent world around her. Her drawings and actions seem almost naively simple at first glace but slowly reveal their deep philosophical and existential potential. 

“Tramperformance” is a student work of hers. In her performance, her art school acts as a train station and the next stop, Zurich’s contemporary art spaces, symbolizes the finish line. Her running against a much more powerful opponent is a depiction of her permanent struggle as a political artist and a common person who tries to find her position in an overwhelming society.

For PS Central Annelise Coste sent photographs she took in Hong Kong on a visit with her Hong Kong born and raised girlfriend. The photographs are not only sexy snapshots of a pair of lovers but can also be seen as a comment on an east/western (art) relationship and its dependencies.

The video of “Tramperformance”, is also part of “Power Plays”, an exhibition at Para/Site Art Space, featuring 11 video works by local and international artists who challenge authorities in different ways.

The exhibition at Para/Site Art Space will run from 9 September to 4 October 2005 .