Wo Man - Feminine Art by Artists Based in Macau and Hong Kong

Bing Bing, Carol Lee, Ada Lui, Ivy Ma, Katherin Lai, Caroline Leung, Tsang Tak Ping, Leung Mee Ping, Sin Yuen, Janice Wanyee Leung, Phoebe Chingying Man, Chun Hauching, Miranda Tsui, Evelyna Yeewoo Liang, Fok Sui Tong, Patrick Lee, Kan Pui Yan , 文晶瑩, 簡佩茵, 何仲儀, 盧婉琪和李綺琪

Nov 03 – Dec 31, 2001

Like the name 'Wo Man’, this show appears to be of woman art, but the works are beyond expectations. Some are super-stereotyped feminist works which question stereotypes themselves. Some works made by woman artists bear no trace of the feminine. Some works which look very feminine were actually made by male artists.

Above all, most artists put the gender issue aside and do what they believe - since femininity is fluid, whatever they make is feminist art. There are no radical feminists in the show. Most treat feminist theories as references of living instead of artistic intention.