Window: a 24-hour showcase

Winnie Fung, So Yan-kei, Lam Wai-kit , Lam Yuk-lin

Jan 15 – Apr 11, 1998

In order to maximise the use of space at Para/Site, the front of the ground floor gallery was re-created as a showcase to present site-specific works directly to passers-by. Developing the gallery-front at street-level meant that art works displayed could be presented to a different audience, confronting or welcoming them into the art space. The first series of gallery-front displays was curated by Leung Mee-ping and saw four young female artists experimenting and exploring the possibilities offered by the new space. Artists include Winnie Fung (15-31 January 1998), So Yan-kei (13-28 February 1998), Lam Wai-kit (finally cancelled) and Lam Yuk-lin (27 March - 11 April 1998) (Fringe Festival 98 program)