Brett Jones and Sara Stubbs (Australia), Gabrielle Jennings (USA), Huang Wen-hao (Taiwan), Chris Heaphy (New Zealand), Yvonne van der Velden (Netherlands), Leung Chi-wo (Hong Kong) , Ryszard Dabek (Australia)

Jul 14 – Aug 02, 1998

An Interntational Exchange Project with West Space, Melbourne, Australia

Transaction was a visual arts exhange project involving eight artists from six different countries. Each artis began by contributing a piece of work. The work was then posted to another artist, who made a work in response to the piece recieved, and then in turn repackaged and sent it to another artist. Artists were asked to consider the interepretation of their work as it travelled to different parts of the world. Similar to the serieal nature of "chain letters", the project resulted in sesven sets of chain art works reelaing the global nature of transaction. This project was also included in the programme for the New Wave Festival 1998 in Melbourne.

Transaction was an international exchange project based on eight artists from Australia and overseas creating art in response to each other. The project involved the exchange of artworks in the post and dialogue through e-mail. The Transaction catalogue combines images and written material generated from the various communication exchanges between participants.