Duan Jianyu, Sascha Pohle, Dishwasher Pete (Pete Jordan), Johanna Billing, Richard T. Walker , Liu Chuang

Aug 24 – Sep 21, 2008

Curated by Christina Li

As we become global and daily travellers, the questions such as, ‘Where have you been?’ often recur in our everyday dialogues as conversational topics about one's voyages. Travelling is such an indispensable part of the contemporary experience where mobility has become a perpetual state of being. By attempting to explore within these confines of destinations and activities associated with the notion of journeys, one comes to reflect on what may seem to be a general contemporary desensitisation towards the notion of travelling.

Revisiting the personal processes and reasons involved in the habit of journey making, Terminus presents a variety of art works that tap on the very essences and nuances of travelling. The exhibition is an investigation to rediscover the wonders of travelling as well as engage with the emotions, poetics and at times, turmoil that are vital while being on the road.

Stripping away the promises of pleasure inherent with tourism and holidaymaking, travelling allows an individual to embark on an escape from home in search of an ‘other’ space where personal dramas, moments of anxiety, boredom, fatigue and displacement are unanticipated. The artists from the exhibition unravel these emotions as well as the romantic imagination and anticipation that are inspired by the possibility of adventures and new experiences. Through video, zines to objects, Terminus takes a look at travelling as an act of self-exploration where destinations are new, unknown and never final.

For the first half of 2008, Para Site Art Space has presented a series of exhibitions such as Where the lions are, Asia Art Knots up to the very recent Franz Ackermann: My Secondary Coming that dealt with mobility and its placement in cultural, identity and social political issues. Terminus builds on these established points of reference to provide a more intimate, if not, voyeuristic look in this subject of travelling.

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