Sticky Fingers﹣ Frame notions of gobalization and the "order" through investigation of lust and desire

Candice Breitz (US), Chan Ho Fung (HK), Jaia Chen (US/Taiwan), Gerald Davis (US), Ian HAIG(澳洲), Ian Haig (Australia), Saeri KIRITANI(美國/日本), Saeri Kiritani (USA/Japan), Viola LEE (HK), Isaac LEUNG Hok Bun (US/HK), Francesca LUK (HK), Paulina del PASO GORDILLO (Mexico), Clifford OWENS (US), Paul Sargent (US), Yoshie Suzuki (US/Japan), Senam Okudzeto (UK)

Aug 30 – Sep 21, 2001

Para/Site is pleased to present Sticky Fingers an exhibition featuring works in a variety of media, including drawing, photography, installation, performance, and video by artists from Hong Kong and overseas. 

This exhibition of various media by artists from Hong Kong and abroad wishes to frame notions of globalization and the “other” through investigations of lust and desire. Sticky Fingers attempts to re-route these urgent discussions through a more accessible point of engagement. By using lust and desire as a familiar condition whose end product is often culturally determined offers a more subtle and immediate channel for examining global relations today.

Sticky Fingers is co-curated by Sanford BIGGERS (US) and Elaine NG (HK/US).

Opening reception for Sticky Fingers is Thursday, 30 August 2001, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sanford BIGGERS will be present and Viola LEE will perform her piece Sweet Girl during the opening.

A small catalogue with illustrations, artists’ statements and a brief essay by the curators will be available during the exhibition.

Hong Kong-based artists and both curators are available for interview.