Start from the Body.... :painting work by Sin Yuen

Sin Yuen

Mar 20 – Apr 28, 2002

Para Site Art Space is pleased to present "Start from the Body...." painted works by Sin Yuen, from March 20th to April 28th 2002 at its Sheung Wan premise.

Born in Hong Kong and a graduate of the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sin Yuen has been painting since childhood. When many local artists gave up their paints and brushes for trendy mixed-media and ready-made installation objects in the 90s, she persisted in making art with traditional tools and materials.

Nevertheless, her subject matter and the presentation are obviously contemporary. Sin Yuen paints unconventional forms on silk with acrylics. For her exhibition at Para Site, spheres, cushions and other geometrical objects covered by silk became her canvas. These simple objects allude subtly to daily life and nature. To her, painting is a process that re-establishes one‘s identity, and responds to the minutiae and detail in everyday surroundings. In the space personalised at Para Site, the audience will find many small but meticulously-painted motifs, such as hair and fingernails, on the silk objects. With predominantly earth-tone colours, Sin Yuen depicts these human tokens of growth and death in such a way that personalises the space, so that it can be shared by us, the audience.

Exhibition catalogues with introduction by Dr. Eva Man will be published.