[Re-]Fabrication - A Research-based Exhibition on Choi Yan-chi’s 30 Years: Paths for Inter –Disciplinarity in Art (1975-2005)

CHOI Yan Chi, 蔡仞姿

Nov 11 – Dec 23, 2006

The retrospective on Choi Yan-chi comes in two parts, [Re-]Vision at 1a space, opening on Wednesday November 1 and [Re-]Fabrication at Para Site Art Space on Friday November 10, 2006.

[Re-]Vision will highlight Choi’s works from the 70s, featuring mainly paintings, together with her experimental Polaroid works and the documentation of her performance works. A dialogue with Linda Lai will also be featured in the form of a creative piece.

[Re-]Fabrication, researched and curated by Linda Lai, will present Choi’s reconstruction and adaptation of her previous installation series – “Drowned” (1989-97) and “Past & Future” (1997-2000). One of the key performances in which Choi had participated, Object-activity (1989), will be re-interpreted in video form by a group of students from City University’s School of Creative Media. 

Two forums will be held during the course of both exhibitions. “The paths of inter-disciplinarity: being a local artist of Hong Kong,” to take place at 1a Space (November 18), is targeted at current art students and young artists where Choi will deliver the narrative of her struggle as an artist growing up in Hong Kong and educated overseas and will be joined by other artists and art critics to explore the many questions that confront a local artist. “The Practice of Art and the Practice of Criticism: a projective dialogue for art education in Hong Kong,” will take place at Para Site Art Space (November 25), inviting experienced practitioners in art criticism, art education and curatorship to start a dialogue with Choi on her “re-fabrication” at the art space. The creative process will be tied to broader questions of the dynamic relation between art-making, criticism and education, and the polemic role of curatorial practice.

To coincide with the exhibition opening at Para Site Art Space, [Re-]Fabrication, a book on the research and retrospective of Choi yan-chi will be launched .


Sat. 25 November 2:30-4:30pm Open forum 2: “The Practice of Art and the Practice of Criticism: a projective dialogue for art education in Hong Kong” (Bilingual)

Choi Yan-chi with various artists, art writers and educators (chaired by Linda Lai)