Precipitation - A Water, Sound and Light Installation Art Exhibition (Part of the Landscape Project)

Tsang Tak Ping, Wong Hung Fei , Peter Suart

Jan 04 – Jan 28, 2001

Local installation artist Tsang Tak-ping's art inspiration always comes from his daily lives. His recent work in the show window of Para Site Art Space is composed of several hundred clear bottles. Each bottle contains tap water of different local households. The bottles are stacked up to form a clear wall.Tap water is a symbol of the standard of living, equality and health insurance. When samples of tap water from different households of Hong Kong are put together and are examined by the bare eyes of the audience, will there be an unified test report? Will there be a discrepancy in terms of quality?

Wong Hung Fei will show some B/W photo and some text. The photos have strong black and white contrast. It seems that it is taken in an absolute dark space with flash light. Did he try to find something or try to be seen by someone?

In Peter Suart's dark room, a piece of ambient music called A Bath for the Dissolutionof Hatred will be looped and played. Ambient and drone music can be particularly suggestive of huge space, of soaring, gliding, wheeling over an internal terrain, without engine or wind noise, traversing great distances instantly. Can this flight wash away the illusory border between self and world? at which point all hatred is dissolved? Visitors to the bath may remain as long as they wish.