Para Site Portfolios – 1/xx Hong Kong flat

Tobias Berger, anothermountainman, 又一山人, Amy Cheung, 張韻雯, Almond Chu, 朱德華, Caroline Chiu, 趙汝賢, David Clarke, 祈大衛, Gutierrez + Portefaix, 古儒郎+林海華, Lau Ching Ping, 劉清平, Patrick Lee, 李志芳, Leung Chi Wo, 梁志和, William Lim, 林偉而, Tozer Pak Sheung Cheun, 白雙全, Sit Lik Hoi, 薛力愷, So Hing Keung, 蘇慶強, Hiram To, 杜子卿, Tsang Tak Ping, 曾德平

May 04 – Jun 10, 2007

A series of limited edition artist portfolios, Para Site Portfolios -1/xx Hong Kong flat is a collection of 15 photographs by some of Hong Kong's most interesting artists/photographers, handpicked by Para Site Art Space published in an Edition of 20 + 15 AP.

To showcase the diversity and impressive quality of local contemporary photography, Hong Kong flat captures the city of Hong Kong in a conceptual way. Challenged by the overwhelming architecture and density of Hong Kong, these photographers have developed a distinguished style of confined images, atmospheres and particularities. Different from documentary photography, the works selected are an abstract poetic, critical or distanced approach to capture on of the most photographed city in the world.