Morgan Wong Wing Fat: Sound installation: Once You Were Here

趙穎璿, 黃榮法

Feb 25 – Apr 25, 2009

Curated by Dominique Chiu

With a sound installation built with the remnant of his fire-damaged house in Tai O, a fishing town in Hong Kong, Morgan Wong Wing-fat recreates the scene of an abandoned and burnt stilt house.

The work is a representation of Wong’s nostalgia for his home and traditional family value. The charred wood symbolizes the demise of a house rampaged by fire, as well as the collapse of family relationships that follows the deaths of senior family members. The audience completes the work by empathizing with the dead who returns to the ruins of their home and listen to the everyday life of their family members. The involvement of the audience in the completion of the work also questions the conventional notion of “audience” and “artwork” as two separate existences.

Morgan Wong Wing-fat (b. 1984) is a media artist based in Hong Kong. He received a Silver Award in 13th ifva (Single Screen based Interactive Media Category, the Hong Kong Independent Film & Video Awards). His works have been showcased in Hong Kong Museum of Art and the 9th Taipei Poetry Festival in Nanhai Gallery,Taipei.