Mirror Me Recent works of Lam Wai-kit and Vivian Leung

Lam Wai-kit, Vivian Leung

Jan 13 – Feb 20, 2005

Para/Site Central would like to present the recent works of two local artists – LAM Wai-kit and Vivian Leung in January 2005. As citizens are exhausted by their jobs, we are too busy to sit down to review our lives. On one hand, these two artists are both interested in how the city and city life shape their own lives and sentiments. On the other hand, the issue of self-portrait is typical in art history, Lam and Leung’s portraits presented in different media would inspire us towards a new “portrait’ of ourselves, it is more than a common expressions of egos. In this exhibition, you may imagine their silent dialogs via their “portrait” presented in opposite walls to each other.

Vivian LEUNG develops her own approach of portraits from the consideration of time, the elements of time and self-images strongly assert her interest in memories and personal ego-history. This exhibition will present Leung’s recent mixed-media painting series ‘This Moment...(I)’. As a documentary project, Leung paints different self-portraits from photos in order to visualize her daily stories. The calendar-like display format and the application of preservative wax material hence construct a layer of metaphor for her portraits.

LAM Wai-kit has been engaging in photography and video for a long time and she is obsessed by the tension between daily environment and the self. Different to the usual artist’s self-portrait, her sentiments diffuse silently through the subtle posture of herself into the vivid and symbolic scene, her photos hence become a poem more than memorable records.