“Local Accent - 12 artists from Hong Kong”

文晶瑩, 石家豪, 李民偉, 何兆基, 冼紈, 梁志和, 陳育強, 黃志恒, 黃國才, 黃麗貞, 程展緯, 曾德平

Dec 27, 2003 – Jan 15, 2004

The art exhibition "Local Accent - 12 artists from Hong Kong " will be held at the Pickled Art Centre in Beijing . The twelve artists are CHAN Yuk Keung, CHING Chin Wai, HO Siu Kee, LEUNG Chi Wo, Tim LI, Phoebe MAN Ching Ying, Wilson SHIEH, SIN Yuen, TSANG Tak Ping, Sara Chi-Hang WONG, Kacey WONG & Fiona WONG Lai Ching. 


The works to be exhibited will represent the vast spectrum of Hong Kong artistic talents working in various mediums, ranging from contemporary interpretation of the traditional gongbi portraits to site-specific installations tailor-made for the venue. Interests in the transformation of the mode of everyday life and living experiences are commonly shared among artists. By giving the exhibition the title "Local Accent," the artists from Hong Kong attempt to provoke a dimension of intra-ethnic difference in Chinese Art (as a reaction to the political/cultural center-periphery model between the Beijing-Hong Kong axis), and thus redirect the public's understanding of "Hong Kong Art, beyond previously cliche generalizations. The exhibition attempt to present the individual artists and enhance understanding between art circles in different Chinese communities, in order to demystify the ‘stereotypes’ prevalent in Hong Kong Art. 


This exhibition is organized by Para/Site Art Space of Hong Kong , co-organized by Pickled Art Centre and supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.