Cao Fei, Erkka Nissinen, Jiang Zhi, Kwan Sheung Chi, Lam Hiu Hai Shuky, Wilson Shieh Ka Ho, Shirley Tse, Yang Yong

Nov 05 – Dec 05, 2005

IRREALITY brings together eight artists from the Pearl River Delta, five artists from Hong Kong and three artists from Guangzhou and Shenzhen, who each re-constructs reality in distinctively different ways.

Reality is an extremely private, individual experience and it is impossible to agree on a general description. The notion of reality is contagious; through communication we spread our views, and reassess our beliefs about of it. In Asia, exploding cities and escalating privatization of space and environment create surroundings that are increasingly artificial. Public spaces re-emerge as planned entertainment zones, advertising becomes the skyline, shopping shifts from street-life to shopping mall, and old neighborhoods are urbanized into gigantic commercial and living towers. In China’s large cities, especially in the sprawl of the Pearl River Delta, the established city-construct of Hong Kong clashes with the ambitious free wheeling communist/capitalism of the Guangdong region. In this quarrel, different ways of systems and lives are challenged. 

The way people respond to these changes in the surrounding and the perception of people, and in turn their reception of reality, is impossible to describe in a single form or object. The artists in IRREALITY use a variety of medias such as sculpture, drawing and video to represent their experiences of these overwhelming changes. Artists re-constructing reality, in all its striking irregularity, helps us understand how we perceive, imaginatively warp, and ultimately alter our own and other people’s realities.