Franz Ackermann: My secondary coming

Tobias Berger, Franz Ackermann

Jul 06 – Aug 03, 2008

Franz Ackermann (1963, Neumarkt St. Veit in West Germany) is one of the most regarded contemporary artists. After big survey exhibitions in major museums around the world he will return to the city where his career took the crucial turnaround: Hong Kong.

From 1990 to 1992, Franz Ackermann lived here and developed his idea of the Mental Maps that would later make him into one of the most regarded artist of his generation. Mental Maps are small drawings that are inspired from the cityscapes as well as brain structures and spiritual centers. These Mental Maps are concerned with the City and the Space as much as with the individual notion of moving and traveling. Originally born out of the necessity to draw in a small 2 by 1 meter room in Mong Kok, these small drawings developed into an important tool not only to remember his journeys but also function as foundations for Franz Ackermann's bigger paintings and spectacular room-size installations.

For his first exhibition in Hong Kong, Ackermann will revisit his early Mental Maps, which are complied from various collections, presented on view for the first time ever in Hong Kong. The artist will stay in Hong Kong to develop a completely new wall- installation that draws reference to his early Mental Maps but will also create a series of wall-paintings acting as juxtaposition to the smaller paintings in the exhibition.

Supported by Goethe Institut Hongkong, the artist talk is held in collaboration with the Hong Kong Arts School.