Dream a little dream

Becky Ip, Li Jinghu, Doris Wong, Magdalen Wong, Joao O

Apr 26 – May 29, 2006

Hong Kong’s first contemporary visual art organization Para Site Art Space decides it is time to give their dream a gentle push in actual size.

"We will test out an exciting new space in the Hollywood Center, Sheung Wan. It is close to our existing venue, but much bigger. With over 4000sqf of pure exhibition space, we see lots of new possibilities for the showing of high-quality contemporary art of both local and international artists . It is precisely this kind of medium size venue that Hong Kong currently lacks and needs, ” says Para Site Art Space curator/director Tobias Berger.

For ten days only Para Site Art Space will introduce and try out the space with the exhibition Dream a little dream. Featuring artists as Becky Hue-Hay Ip, Li Jinghu, Joao O, Doris Wong and Magdalen Wong, the exhibition explores the blanks between reality and dreams and creates a landscape where audiences can form their personal utopias. Whimsical, challenging and charming, their site-specific works showcase how resilient and vibrant local contemporary art can be.

The ten-day exhibition will be accompanied by a series of talks and lectures about the significance and challenges of contemporary art and its place in Hong Kong.