Adina Bar-On

Jul 20 – Aug 05, 2001

Adina Bar-On is a pioneer performance artist in Israel. She toured around Asia, including Hong Kong, last year with Seiji Shimoda, the award winning Japanese performance artist. In the past 30 years, Bar-On has produced more than 20 performance pieces. An exhibition of her video works and photographic documentation of her works will be held in Para/Site Art Space from July to August. Bar-On will perform her new work "Disposition" outdoor. Since 1973, Bar-On started to experiment with performance. She makes use of her body movement and voice to communicate with the audience. Her work emphasizes interaction and connection. Audience's emotion follows Bar-On's behaviour. She breathes, blinks, quivers, swallows. The charged moments excite the audience internally and externally.

Adina Bar-On was born in Kibbutz Kfar Blum, Israel in 1951. She stayed with her family in the United States at the age of thirteen. She went back to Israel at 18 and in the next year joined the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem majoring in painting. In 1973 she had her first performance in the Academy. The Academy's psychologists were asked to watch the performance in order to give opinion. Bar-On received a warning letter from the directors of the Academy informing her that she had to go back to traditional media in order to graduate. On one hand, Bar-On went back to painting, on the other, she performed in the places outside the Academy such as gallery, museum, cultural centre and art space. She even extended it to non-art establishments such as youth club, shopping arcade and private home. Last year Bar-On toured to Budapest, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, Russia and Poland.

This project is curated by Tsang Tak-ping and is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem.