Digital All: Mixed Media Work by Enoch Cheung

Enoch Cheung

Mar 16 – Apr 08, 2001

Para Site Art Space presents the new media art exhibition Digital All: Mixed Media Work by Enoch Cheung which features four site-specific installations by this emerging local artist.

As the exhibition title suggests, Enoch Cheung explores our perception of the overtly digitalized life. At Para Site, for example, with the aid of Internet Cheung will present the digital timing interface of the Hong Kong Observatory that is always considered as a most accurate clock. However, in front of the computer, audience would be confused with this apparent "real time" that comes through the virtual space.

Video is another medium widely involved in this exhibition. With the use of video projection on various subject matters, Cheung will also build installations that may raise questions on a digital world, the digitalized humane and/or the digital poetics.

Enoch Cheung graduated from the First Institute of Art and Design in Hong Kong in 1991. He furthered his study in computer while he continued his pursuit in art and music. Since 1998, he has been studying in the BFA course co-organized by the Art School of the Hong Kong Art Centre and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Digital All is Cheung*s first solo exhibition and an attempt to review his own experience in art and technology.