Dennis Oppenheim: Six Models

Tobias Berger, Melissa Lam, Dennis Oppenheim

Dec 15, 2007 – Feb 22, 2008

American conceptual artist, Dennis Oppenheim is one of the foremost figures working in the field of sculpture today. In past forty years, his rich and impressive oeuvre has spanned through diverse phases – Earth Art, Body Art, The Firework Series, which can seem like the work of several artists. One definitive principle of his work is the attempt to reconnect an object by radically altering its size, as seen in his works where he inflates everyday objects, like wine glasses and cotton shirts to humungous dimensions. His work is in all major museums in the world and his public sculpture works are featured at prominent public spaces worldwide and all major sculpture parks.

Since the 90s, he has brought this creativity into the politics of public space to install numerous site-specific sculptures throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and now China. Para Site Art Space is proud to present Oppenhiem’s first exhibition in China, featuring the drawings and models of a number of public art projects he is presently working on. Currently completing a sculpture commission for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Chaoyang Park for the opening ceremonies, Oppenheim is also completing a project for the Denver Justice Centre in Colorado and just finished “Crystal Mountain”, a large-scale public artwork for Spain. Dennis Oppenheim currently has ongoing outdoor commissions in cities in the United States, Europe, China and Hong Kong. The exhibition of Para Site Art Space will present models and drawings of six recent projects of Dennis Oppenheim.

The exhibition is curated by Tobias Berger and Melissa Lam.