Curiosities: post-art from the edge –installation exhibition

Ivy Ma, Judy Cheung, Louise Hubbard, Shiro Masuyama

Apr 28 – May 29, 2005

While the child-protagonist Alice's journey through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole is a consequence of her intelligence and inquisitiveness; so is curiosity the drive for artists to work on materials, elements and found objects they meet in the everyday life. And while familiarly unfamiliar are fairytales and dream adventures are to us all; so are the works of the artists on themes that are universal to the collective unconscious such as dreams, traveling, fairytales and the very sense of being itself. 

After presenting the vaudevillian garden together with an op-scape and taking the audience to a-rolling and strolling with images in donut shape, Para/site Artspace is proud to present “Curiosities: post-art from the edge” in April and May 2005. This is an installation exhibition comprising works from 4 artists from different background and nationality, and out of a pool of 120 proposals submitted, yet bearing the similar cutting-edge way of interpreting and re-presenting everyday life objects as art-objects out of everyday materials and found objects. And similar too, is the fact that the works may have exhibited somewhere else individually but shipped and post to the site here for an open dialogue with each other; and on what site-specificity may mean; and what everydayness may become in a playful manner.

If “curious” has similar meaning with “concern, eagerness, inquiring mind, inquisitiveness, interest, interestingness, intrusiveness, investigation, meddling, mental acquisitiveness, nosiness, officiousness, prying, questioning, regard, searching, snooping”, yet at the same time is synonymous with “anomaly, bibelot, bygone, conversation piece, curio, exoticism, freak, knickknack, marvel, monstrosity, nonesuch, objet d'art, oddity, peculiar object, prodigy, rarity, singular object, trinket, wonder”; then “curiosities” promises certain degree of “interest” and “oddity”. So be there to explore how oddities may work against the norm; and how interesting an art space can become with the works of marvel.

About the artists & their works:

Ivy Ma (Hong Kong) works in varied media and the notion of using materials in art making as the ever-ending process of transmigration of Subject and Object. Her art is an expression in response to society and her experiences. Her interest in psychoanalysis reflects in the notion of art as a doll that will listen to and absorb her thoughts and emotions. In working in paint and concerning herself only in form, circles and other plane shape, Ma denies the viewers any intricate interpretation, and in doing so create intimate compositions measured only by her artistic intuition.

“This series of art pieces is about childhood memories, imaginations, and fantasies. The materials I choose help both myself and viewers stepping into psyche, where the space is always the enclosed room as solitude for putting ‘things’ (memories) in and for someone to ‘create’ (memorize) their own fairy tales.”

Judy Cheung (Canada) works on kinetic installation, photography and video and has been included in exhibitions across Canada,