Copied Right

Pierre Bismuth, Christian Jankowski, Sarah Lai, Hiram To, Robert Watts, Doris Wong, David Clarke

Oct 06 – Nov 15, 2007

Copied Right will research the challenging relationship between originals and reproductions by exhibiting contemporary art and consumer goods that is inspired by a more differentiated approach to the philosophy of copying. It will take a closer look at the added value in the process of copying, the increment not simply of monetary value but also for the general appreciation of objects and ideas.

Works by local and international artists ranging from the 1960s to now will display and enhance the understanding and explore the notion and possibility of copying and its function as a facilitator for development in art. A large collection of replica watches would be on view as part of the exhibition.

Seldom do people associate the following words – ‘original', ‘artistic' and ‘innovative' with the act of copying or reproducing. A seemingly easy task of producing a fake $50 Rolex watch is anything but an intricate science. Same in art – in order to be innovative, one has to know and study its predecessors and work hard to understand the works and the techniques involved. Yet, contemporary conversations surrounding this issue of copying immediately condemn the idea of reproduction; there is more to be said about the concept of originals and the unique genuine in a society where practically everything is imitable.

Copied Right is presented by Para Site Art Space and is part of the programme of October Contemporary.

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