Constructed Reality: Conceptual Photography from Beijing

Wang Jinsong, Wang Qingsong, Hai Bo, Li Wei, Ma Liuming, Cui Xiuwen, Hong Hao, Xue Li, Liu Jin, Cang Xin

Jun 16 – Jul 03, 2001

Photography is the image reproduction of optics. It records and re-presents the reality in the eyes of photographers, and also freezes the chosen time and space. The choice always provides the possibility of constructing reality in conceptual level. This exhibition collects the works of 10 Beijing contemporary photo-artists, in which "reality" is personally interpreted through different cutting point of body, society, culture as well as history.

Apart from the exhibition in Arts Centre, there will be small-scale artworks, videos, photographs and catalogues recording contemporary art activities in China exhibit in Para/Site from June to July. Workshops and seminars will be held by the art critic Mr, Li Xianting and artist Wang Jinsong. Details will be announced later.

The exhibition is co-presented by Hong Kong Arts Centre and Para/Site, curated by Zhang Fang(Beijing) and Ho Siu Kee(Hong Kong). Para/Site Art Space is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.