An Open Rule: Blink Space, Drifting Presence

Joey Luk Pui Man, Linda Lai Chiu Han, Felipe Cucker, Millie Chan Man Yee, Hector Rodriguez, Norman J. Ford, Caroline Hu Yee Man, Siu Keung, Law Man Lok, Leung Chi Wo, Kith Tsang Tak Ping, Ron Lam Kee Heung, Phoebe Hui Fong Wah

Jan 11 – Feb 29, 2004

Curated by Linda Lai, this project is incited initially in commemoration of the late young artist Joey Luk (Luk Pui-man) who exhibited at Para/Site last year, but finally unfolds as a series of collaborative creative activities. Luk has previously made a few sets of rules as her creative project concerning the idea of “open-endedness”, “play” and “inter-mediality” in contemporary practice. A group of artists will create work in response to these given rules. It results in an exhibition of all these new works together with Luk’s, alongside with a series of forums, lectures and workshops on rule-driven creativity. A catalogue will be published afterwards as the documentation of the whole project.

Para/Site Art Space is proud to present An Open Rule exhibition: Blink■Space, Drifting Presence, an open work about rule-making and rule-driven creativity from January 11 to February 29, 2004, at its Sheung Wan premise.

The exhibition space is not a cube▓, but _frames_borders_ are to be torn off to allow the impact of rules to scatter everywhere. The rules will not restrict you from doing this and that, but give you a hand in whatever you do to the space. Break it, bend it, cut it, merge it, destroy it…as you like.

The play with order and format will begin with the encoding process and the encounter with presence/absence of sense/“Nonsense” (Lewis Carroll & Edward Lear). Open-endedness is the ultimate rule of the game. The process of moving and chaining will undermine the totality and wholesomeness of form to allow the full effect of morphing. Rules are dug out from daily exercises and unfolded beyond everyday rationality. Illusive and elusive but the resulting work will be more than you can touch, press and sense.

The gallery space will begin with the spatialized display of the video works of late young artist Joey Luk (Luk Pui-man). The initial set-up will engage with the idea of presence/absence, with a lot of empty space or space of ellipses. As the event moves on, this basic set up will be modified and transformed. The multiplicity of nodes from segments of Joey’s, images floating in the air, ‘the’ thread dangling, swirling and coiling, waiting to be deconstructed and extended.

Joey Luk received her BA in Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong. Her creative works had explored issues such as: What is an art object? What is an art work? What does it mean to be an artist? Etc. Joey had won the IFVA Gold-award (Youth Category, 2000). Her works were presented in both local and overseas art organizations/festivals such as Microwave International Media Art Festival 2000 and “Someone’s Done It Before” at Para/Site in June 2002. She also represented Hong Kong in the Berlin-Hong Kong Festival in 2000. The young artist was brutally murdered (June, 2003) in Moscow during her transit back to Hong Kong after a three-month artist-in-residence program in Estonia and a one-month drifting experience in North and Eastern Europe.

An Open Rule: Blink■Space, Drifting Presence was initially conceived in her commemoration. We have now turned it into an open creative event to extend the exploration of the open-endedness of art and rule-driven creativity. Rather than a solo exhibition with the display of prepared art works honouring a single “artist,” the month-long event will be a continuous series of organized acts of spatial manipulation. Via art-making, workshops, seminars and tea-parties, we engage critically in the many questions that Joey had raised in her works. We also invite interested individuals to re-consider questions of curatorial practice. The event wants to bring together artists, critics, writers and educators.

You are cordially invited to participate in An Open Rule, a space embodied with rules, open for everyone. To enrol yourselves in the creative process, contact us or just join our workshops and seminars.