Among Others…

Tobias Berger, 白崇明+吳瑋和, Shu Yang, 陳光, Bai Chong Min + Wu Wei, 德剛, He, 馬嬿冷, Chen Guang, 吳小軍, De Gang, 趙夜白, Ma Yan Ling, 三位匿名藝術家, Wu Xiao Jun, 又一山人, Zhao Ye Bai, 白雙全, Anothermountainman, 梁志和, Frog King, 黃國才及蛙王, Leung Chi Wo, Pak Sheung Chuen, Kith Tsang Tak Ping, Kacey Wong kwok Choi

Jul 06 – Sep 21, 2007

Para Site Art Space is proud to present a meaningful exhibition showcasing the works of artists from Hong Kong SAR and China.

Since 1997, on the first of July, the day in which the sovereignty of the British crown colony was transferred to the People's Republic of China, people in Hong Kong are joining in a unique march. This demonstration, usually from Victoria Park to the Central Government Offices unites diverse groups – democracy activists, human right groups, domestic helper unions, Christians, gay activists and other special interest groups in Hong Kong. The common denominator is a celebration of the right of free speech in as well as the possibility to hold public demonstrations in Hong Kong. At its peak – in 2003 when the proposed legislation of an anti-subversive law, as required by the Article 23 was debated, the march drew around 500.000 participants. In the following years the numbers fell significantly but the spirit of the march was very much alive, drawing around 50.000 participants.

In 2007, 10 years after the hand-over, Para Site Art Space will organize a joint event of Hong Kong and Chinese artists to celebrate free speech and encourage democracy. Artists will design demonstration banners that will be carried on the march – using the march as a platform for art and politics as well as promoting new art and exhibition forms and an active involvement of the arts in society. The banners will have very different forms, from direct political demands to abstract pictures. The selection, made by a Hong Kong and a Beijing curator, will be as diverse as the march itself and give artists from the Mainland a chance to voice their political opinion publicly.

After the march is over and tens of thousands of people have witnessed this unique event, the banners will be on display at Para Site Art Space in Sheung Wan from July 6 to August 5, 2007.