A Tree to be Found

Seeman, Hoichiu, Camkam, Amy Chan, Peter Suart

May 30 – Jun 20, 2003

Beginning with text, Seeman continues her respect and concern for Man and Nature. Using paper-sculpture, wood-sculpture and painting, she composes A Tree to be Found. Hoichiu, Chan Yu-wan, Peter Suart and Camkam are the artists giving their support by contributing performance, lighting, music and video, creating a multimedia project.

A Tree to be Found is the story about a tree and the characters that inhabit it. "On the ninth day of July, he climbed up a tree and dressed himself in odd clothing. Stories upon stories unfold on top of Mother's kitchen table, covered with food that has been genetically-engineered. - a story about moths and fireflies; another about squirrels and skunks; one about a horse and a sheep; and a story about him and her……I can only dig a hole under the tree to bury my melancholy and despair with her love. What will grow out from the soil again?" Seeman's characters are forever allegorical and tragic. By focussing on our attitudes towards consumption, A Tree to be Found questions the relationships between Man and Nature; the respect and care among people; and the pursuit of the Meaning of Life. There are no moralizing lessons here, instead the mythic quality of this 'cautionary' tale is open to our imagination.

Seeman will transform Para Site into a backdrop for her story, a place where her audience can step into her fabulous world. Influenced by the legend of the "Hell Scroll", her characters and stories transcend time and space to come. The dazzling colourful 3-D paper sculptures evoke a world of adult nightmares.